About Us

Why Students Choose Us

Learning any language is not difficult if you understand the structure of that particular language with an appropriate set of words that have the potential to give meaning to your feelings effortlessly. Language Lab attempts to imbibe that understanding among learners through experiential teaching-learning methodology. The English language cannot be learned by translating from the mother tongue, however fast you can be in translation, it can not sound natural. Hence, English has to be learned independently without taking the help of the mother tongue. And, it’s possible. We all have learned our mother tongue independently without taking help from any other language. We didn't have any option too since we didn’t know any other language when we were just trying to utter sounds. So what is the point in walking with the help of crutches when both the legs are perfect? So no translation, no crutches, think in English and deliver.

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Language lab has developed a comprehensive course that facilitates the learners to think in the English language. They learn the language as effortlessly as they have learned their respective mother tongues.

Our mantra is 'say no to translation’, we don't encourage translation as by translating the mother tongue into English the learner produces unnatural English which sounds very odd to the ears.

We help the learners internalize the English language through a meticulously chosen set of appropriate words to match their thoughts.

How to Start Your Journey

Language Lab is committed to the holistic development of youths so that they can become mobile assets, human resources in the true sense of the term, to contribute to the development of society and the world around them.


Dedicated to bringing positive change in the lives of people, especially youths, who aspire to dream high, Language Lab strives to become a center of academic excellence in imparting training on Communication and soft skills.


To achieve this, we strive

To become a center of excellence in imparting training on communication and soft skills.

To impart training on Communicative English to make the students Effective communicators

To groom the candidates to make them tailor-made professionals

To create a launching pad for the aspirants to thrust them toward their goal

To provide a concrete platform for the youths to vent out their thoughts/views in public with confidence

To give wings to their imagination and dream through a complete make-over of their personality

To create change preneurs who can contribute to bringing a positive change in their respective fields.