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Realize your dream through effective communication skills

Acquiring a high professional degree is not enough. You add more information to your knowledge. People often say knowledge is power. But, knowledge is not power in itself. The knowledge you gain by studying in good educational institutions is your potential power. You need to use this power to realize your dream of life. Here comes your ability to use your communication skills to showcase your knowledge to people. You can get success if you are able to use your knowledge optimally. Learning communication skills would help you achieve your goal. Language Lab aims at improving the communication skills of the trainees by focusing on:

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Personality Development Exercises
  • One-to-One conversations (small talk)
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Online Instruction

The past two years have been too horrific to mention even in our dormant subconscious minds, yet that painful phase has taught us how to stay connected with people through technology. COVID-19 had separated us physically, on the other hand, the internet brought far away people closer. The entire academia in the world resorted to online teaching and Language Lab too is not an exception. Here, online classes are conducted regularly where students from India and abroad interact with the instructor to groom their personality through effective communication skills.

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Live Master Classes

From time to time Language Lab organizes topics-based master classes where experts from the concerned fields are invited to share their experiences, expertise, and tips on the topics which are essential for job seekers.

What Students
Think and Say About Language Lab

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Arun kumar


I am totally satisfied " she has an incredible gift for teaching. Her classes seem like play but there is a lot of serious learning going on. Best institute for communication skill improvement. Ma'am gives her full attention on each student. Experienced .. Engaging.. and Patient teacher.

Priyanshu P


This is the one of the great institutions for English I've ever came across. The Classes with language lab have been so worthwhile! An amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun. The tutor Minati ma'am is wonderful and would recommend her to everyone.

Govind K


Joining..Mam’s institute was a turning point in my life…and personality development. I really owe hugely to Mam for great enhancement in my communication skills and command over English speaking. I would have been a different personality had I not join Mam’s institute. So, Mam I am really grateful to you for transforming my personality.